Give rain the boot


Give Rain the boot

Winter in Sydney usually means one thing; a lot of rain. I forgot about this until I realised most of my shoes ended up soaked after a big lot of rain over a few days. Seeing that I’m not really a gumboot kind of girl, I decided to show two other types of ‘gumboots’ which are more my style.

I have worn gumboots, once when I was about 10. I managed to fill them while I was wearing them…making it v v hard to walk and look cool!


Mollini – Galosh Ocelot/black

Looking more like an ankle boot we have the Mollini Galosh in Ocelot. I love this boot! Its rubber and has elastic gusset panels, the leopard print is a nice change from black. Perfect for festivals or walking around the city. $59.95 from here


Melissa – Solider II

Next we have Soldier II from Melissa. What’s not to love about this boot? A military inspired
ankle boot with chunky sole and tread and 11cm heel height made from plastic! Ticks all my boxes. $195.00 from here


Give Rain the boot Military

Melissa Soldier boot and Koi Fish leggings from Blackmilk are always a winning combination

Anxiously awaiting the next rainfall.



Sometimes You Eat the Bear

So after checking out Streets Ahead exhibition I decided to do a few style ups with artwork
as inspiration. Here’s the first, who knew a bear graphic could get all girly. Did I mention how
much I lurrrrrrrvvvvvvveee United Nude shoes? Uh huh they’re ah-mazing.
Would you wear this colour combo?
Bear, pink and blue

Be Streets Ahead

When I heard that Vivid was holding an exhibition of Street Art called Streets Ahead I had to check it out. The artworks are from six Streets Ahead creatives who are not only greats in the Streetwear industry, but who also shared their expert knowledge in the Streets Ahead talks and conferences.

Don’t ask me why but my eye was drawn to a poster which read
“Die Hipster Die” I laughed a little too loudly at that one.

Armed with my trusty Olympus, I walked in and was hit with a barrage of colour and some intense big as** graphics. Don’t ask me why but my eye was drawn to a poster which read        “Die Hipster Die” I laughed a little too loudly at that one.

Go check out the works of Tony Arcabascio, jeffstaple, Mishka – Greg Rivera and L’Amour Supreme, 123KLAN – Scien and Klor and Anthony Lister at aMBUSH Gallery Project Space,     Level 3, Central Park, from 12noon until 8pm daily until Sunday, 21 June. Admission is free.





OLYMPUS DIStreets-Ahead-Vivid-2015-2GITAL CAMERA