Give rain the boot


Give Rain the boot

Winter in Sydney usually means one thing; a lot of rain. I forgot about this until I realised most of my shoes ended up soaked after a big lot of rain over a few days. Seeing that I’m not really a gumboot kind of girl, I decided to show two other types of ‘gumboots’ which are more my style.

I have worn gumboots, once when I was about 10. I managed to fill them while I was wearing them…making it v v hard to walk and look cool!


Mollini – Galosh Ocelot/black

Looking more like an ankle boot we have the Mollini Galosh in Ocelot. I love this boot! Its rubber and has elastic gusset panels, the leopard print is a nice change from black. Perfect for festivals or walking around the city. $59.95 from here


Melissa – Solider II

Next we have Soldier II from Melissa. What’s not to love about this boot? A military inspired
ankle boot with chunky sole and tread and 11cm heel height made from plastic! Ticks all my boxes. $195.00 from here


Give Rain the boot Military

Melissa Soldier boot and Koi Fish leggings from Blackmilk are always a winning combination

Anxiously awaiting the next rainfall.



Friday Pick me up

Its fridaaayyyyy end of the week. I don’t know about you, but I usually feel tired on Fridays. Sooooo I usually need a kickstart of some sort. An instant pick me up I use  (as well as possibly 4 coffees shhhhh!) is a pop of colour. Colour of choice?? Lusty lurvely red. I looooooooove red, at one time the whole contents of my handbag were red; red phone, red wallet, red diary, red pens and pencils all to match my bloodshot eyes…KIDDING. They’re black, no whites, like deathly shark eyes 😛  Focus LD, you’re scaring the kids. So this is why I totally looooooooove black, white and red as a colour combo; I still get my red fix but in little doses.

Here’s how my thoughts on a friday work outfit which can also take you to after work champers, caprioskas, tequilas….and bloodshot eyes. Kidding, seriously a lady sups not guzzles, except when its coffee. If its sweet caffeine you have my permission to go freakin crazy. My obsession with leggings can be seen again in this style up and I just love little details like the back bow on this blazer. Seeing as I’ve yet to reach my coffee quote for the day I also added a takeaway mug so I can be all lovey dovey to the environment as well.


Friday at work