Be Streets Ahead

When I heard that Vivid was holding an exhibition of Street Art called Streets Ahead I had to check it out. The artworks are from six Streets Ahead creatives who are not only greats in the Streetwear industry, but who also shared their expert knowledge in the Streets Ahead talks and conferences.

Don’t ask me why but my eye was drawn to a poster which read
“Die Hipster Die” I laughed a little too loudly at that one.

Armed with my trusty Olympus, I walked in and was hit with a barrage of colour and some intense big as** graphics. Don’t ask me why but my eye was drawn to a poster which read        “Die Hipster Die” I laughed a little too loudly at that one.

Go check out the works of Tony Arcabascio, jeffstaple, Mishka – Greg Rivera and L’Amour Supreme, 123KLAN – Scien and Klor and Anthony Lister at aMBUSH Gallery Project Space,     Level 3, Central Park, from 12noon until 8pm daily until Sunday, 21 June. Admission is free.





OLYMPUS DIStreets-Ahead-Vivid-2015-2GITAL CAMERA



Panic is Semi-permanent



Back in the day when CDs were huge, the most exciting thing to do, besides play the album back to back till your ears bled was to open the jewel case, take the album artwork out and read the booklet back to back.

Ever wondered about who designs the album cover and artwork?
Stanley Donwood was a name I didn’t recognise instantly, but I did recognise some of his work.

Stanley Donwood is an artist that has worked with Radiohead since 1994 designing their album covers and associated artwork. Luckily, you can walk through 25+ years of the man’s work at Semi-permanent in Sydney in an exhibition called The Panic Office. There are literally thousands of artwork pieces from albums such as Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows, Kid A, OK Computer and The King of Limbs with some unseen pieces and a lot of Donwood’s personal paintings, drawings and prints.

The exhibition is open now at Carriageworks till  6 June 2015

Using one of Stanley Donwood’s artwork as inspiration, I ‘ve done a style up. Woot! What do you think?
Art inspo



Happy Australia Daze

It’s Australia Day once again and what to wear? I believe you can support this wonderful country without having to wear a flag or paint your face red, white and blue. This year I thought I’d style up using all Australian labels; simple and chic. No where can I buy me some lamingtons?!
Australian labels on Australia Day

Australia Daze

Future Beauty

Two years ago I went to Japan for a holiday and it was one of the most memorable trips I have ever had. One of the highlights was going to Tokyo and checking out all the fashion. From the bustling shopping district of Shibuya to the crazy cool kids in Harajuku; Japanese fashion never ceased to amaze me.

future-of-fashion-1000x667-tatsunokoji_autumnwinter93-94_kyotocostumeinstitute_ac012207_001_0So when I heard there was an exhibiton of Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion at The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, I had to check it out. I was not disappointed! Have you ever witnesssed something amazing and you realise you’re standing there with your mouth open? Guilty as charged!!


The collection showcases stunning and extraordinary garments; which seem more like art pieces; from the early 1980s to today. The works of designers such as Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garcons), Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, Jun Takahashi, Hiroaki Ohya, Akira Naka, Tao Kurihara, Matohu, Hatra and mintdesigns all promise to leave you breathless.


Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion runs till 15 February 2015 at Galllery of Modern Art (GOMA)

Haute to trot


Haute to Trot


It’s Melbourne Cup Day in Australia. Hearts are set a flutter today; not only from watching the race and hoping you’ve backed a winner, but also from Fashions on the Field. Here’s my version of Fashion on the field, all that’s needed to top it off is a glass of very chilled champagne.

Its good to embellish

4 ways to enhance your wardrobe with studs, zips, and safety pins, more is more!



Its good to embellish


The Office Animal

A lot of people shy away from animal print. I say, why? Its there to stand out, so stand out! I’ve chosen zebra print for this style up, add a pop of purple and black and gold and you’re winning. No fading to black for this girl.

The Office Animal

Let’s take a moment to reflect

Collabs, I luv em. Romance was Born teamed up with Australian Artist Rebecca Baumann for their exhibition Reflected Glory. The exhibition has since wrapped up but lucky you I went along and took some pics. What did I see? Intense, layered dresses which glowed, glittered, reflected and spun like mirror balls from the ceiling of Carriageworks in Sydney. The hanging mannequins reminded of 90’s movie The Craft; with levitating girls (which isn’t a bad thing! I lurrve that movie!) Check them out for yourself, last pic is my fave.




IMG_2680 IMG_2689  IMG_2693


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Weekend Edition sydney

I attended the Weekend Edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Saturday April 12 and saw the best of the MBFWA week. Sitting in the front row (I thank you) I hid behind my huge black sunglasses and oversized hat and supped cristal….welllll, not really, but I was sitting in the front and sipped mineral water. From my seat I could see glorious details on heavily embellished pieces as they walked past and marvelled at bias cuts and textures. I noted a lot of neoprene in pieces, monochrome, bright and floral prints.

I also took part in a backstage tour before the show and saw the frenzy of hairdryers and mascara wands, mopping of the runway, checking of media cameras, preps of racks of clothes waiting for the models to slip into them and a mountain of high heels. A bit of trivia the runway is 35metres long took four days to assemble and takes a day and a half to take apart.

Here’s some key pieces I liked and shot from the show.

HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-1 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-2 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-3 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-4 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-5 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-6 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-7 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-8 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-9 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-10 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-11 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-12 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-13 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-14 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-15 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-16 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-17 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-18 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-19 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-20 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-21 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-22 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-23 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-24 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-25 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-26 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-27 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-28 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-29 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-30 HerRoyalFlyness-MBFWA-WeekendEd-31


3 ways to dress for St Patricks Day without seeing green


Chic St Patrick's Day 2

Lanvin One shoulder silk top / TIBI City Stretch Colorblocked Cropped Pants /
Black Diamond Drop earrings / Emilio Pucci Ring in Onice / Her Royal Flyness Black woven
leather handbag
/ Casadei platform sandals


This last one has an ode to the legend of St Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland 🙂

Chic St Patrick's Day 3

Jason Wu Sleeveless ponte jersey top / Black Milk Clothing Tartan legging / Seriously Twisted Brown baroque style mesh necklace / Her Royal Flyness Purple Seatbeltbag / Giuseppe Zanotti Snake Ankle Wrap sandals


Till later xxLD