Panic is Semi-permanent



Back in the day when CDs were huge, the most exciting thing to do, besides play the album back to back till your ears bled was to open the jewel case, take the album artwork out and read the booklet back to back.

Ever wondered about who designs the album cover and artwork?
Stanley Donwood was a name I didn’t recognise instantly, but I did recognise some of his work.

Stanley Donwood is an artist that has worked with Radiohead since 1994 designing their album covers and associated artwork. Luckily, you can walk through 25+ years of the man’s work at Semi-permanent in Sydney in an exhibition called The Panic Office. There are literally thousands of artwork pieces from albums such as Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows, Kid A, OK Computer and The King of Limbs with some unseen pieces and a lot of Donwood’s personal paintings, drawings and prints.

The exhibition is open now at Carriageworks till  6 June 2015

Using one of Stanley Donwood’s artwork as inspiration, I ‘ve done a style up. Woot! What do you think?
Art inspo



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