Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Weekend Edition sydney

I attended the Weekend Edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Saturday April 12 and saw the best of the MBFWA week. Sitting in the front row (I thank you) I hid behind my huge black sunglasses and oversized hat and supped cristal….welllll, not really, but I was sitting in the front and sipped mineral water. From my seat I could see glorious details on heavily embellished pieces as they walked past and marvelled at bias cuts and textures. I noted a lot of neoprene in pieces, monochrome, bright and floral prints.

I also took part in a backstage tour before the show and saw the frenzy of hairdryers and mascara wands, mopping of the runway, checking of media cameras, preps of racks of clothes waiting for the models to slip into them and a mountain of high heels. A bit of trivia the runway is 35metres long took four days to assemble and takes a day and a half to take apart.

Here’s some key pieces I liked and shot from the show.

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