The Ex Boyfriend Revenge kit

At Her Royal Flyness we like to promote our brand in creatively different ways. We also like to play around with design and come up with ideas that are out of the ordinary. It’s part of who we are and we do it because we enjoy the challenge and also the response we get from our friends and customers.

Our latest concept The Ex Boyfriend Revenge Kit comes with a dark sense of humour. But what really interested us was exploring the idea of how things that are usually deemed dangerous might change, If they where designed with a much more elegant approach. Would they seem less dangerous? Or would they be even more intimidating? Would they actually go with our bag as an ensemble? If it really existed how much would something like that sell for?

Don’t worry, the kit will never actually be sold in any way or form and we never intended it to be. We don’t condone or promote the use of real life violence against anyone.  The idea is purely an exercise in design for us that turned out quite visually interesting. So we posted it onto our website to see how our customers would react to it.


We have had a great response to it, mostly jokes about optional colours. The hypothetical $1850 price tag was also laughed at. People have particularly liked the way the items have come together as a set.

Designing all the pieces and actually working out what would be in a revenge kit was an interesting project as designers. The items scared us at first but the dangerous items ended up being less intimidating. The person you imagine buying them definitely becomes scarier.

The teal bag from the kit is available without the nasty accessories from our online store.