Shine on you crazy diamond

Crazy legs LD
So I bought these most awesome stockings the other day. No I don’t have four legs….my high heel budget would be through the roof if that was the case but I probably would’ve been so much better at cross country in high school though. Hmmmm interesting.
What’s that you say? Where the heck do you get the checked seatbelt bag in the above photo??!! Soon my pretties, soon. New t-t-t-tasty things going to hit the website soon.
Focus LD, yeah sooooooooo said purchase of stockingdom led me to want to do a bit of styling via my good friend  polyvore. Here’s the outcome. Basically the only time I’d ever wear a tiara plus a good vibe message thrown in there too. Win win! 🙂
Shine on you crazy diamond

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